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As one of Kuwait’s prominent asset 
managers we provide results.
Our commitment and capabilities to meet your exact
gives us an upper edge in providing
customized solutions.

We provide our clients access to listed securities across global markets. Our superior trading platform offers investments options across equities, fixed income, derivatives, commodities and currencies. This is made possible by a proprietary software platform that allows our clients to consolidate and manage their regional and international investments under a personalized Q8 Capital account.

We offer:

  • Best access to GCC, emerging, frontier and a range of global markets through a single point of contact
  • A Q8 Capital account statement, summarizing transactions and current holdings
  • All-inclusive management of administration, settlement and custody services

We provide our clients a variety of best performing conventional and Sharia compliant funds. Q8 Capital clients have access to the firm’s regulated asset management platforms. We provide complete management and oversight of execution, compliance, operational and risk responsibilities.

Wealth Management
The Q8 Capital Funds Platform offers top strategies across equities, fixed income and money markets and will select your optimal solution depending on risk appetite and geographic exposure requirements. Our objective is to select the best managers who outperform their respective benchmarks and offer optimized risk-adjusted returns.

Discretionary Portfolio Management
The Q8 Capital Discretionary Portfolio Management Platform provides customized solutions depending on your risk and return requirements. Our team manages several tailored in-house conventional and Shariah strategies offering long only equity, fixed income and balanced mandates.

Our superior trading platform offers investment
options across equities, fixed income,
derivatives, commodities and currencies.

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